Why choose us

We know what we are doing and have been doing this for a very long time.  No matter how simple or complicated, you will always be in a safe pair of hands.

When it comes to deciding who to engage to assist, you essentially have two choices. You can engage New Zealand lawyers to represent you, or you can engage a licensed immigration adviser.

So, what is the difference between a New Zealand Immigration Lawyer and a Licenced Immigration Adviser?

In many instances New Zealand Immigration Lawyers and New Zealand Licenced Immigration Advisers provide a similar service, although the type of service can vary significantly depending upon the experience and expertise of the professional concerned.

It is our informed view that it is in your best interest to engage a lawyer, over and above a Licensed Immigration Adviser. Here are some points you may wish to consider:

  • The regulation of the conduct and professional standards of New Zealand Lawyers has been undertaken and applied in New Zealand for well over a century before the legislation was introduced to license, and then to start to regulate the conduct of Licensed Immigration Advisers only a few years ago.
  • Our lawyers are experienced in every type of immigration instruction possible from very simple temporary and residency visas, right through to complex Medical or Character Waivers, High Court Appeals, and Special Directions to the Minister of Immigration.  Licenced Immigration Advisers are not permitted to represent clients and present submissions in the High Court.  Our lawyers can therefore handle any immigration matter, no matter how simple or complex.  You won’t need to go anywhere else if the process gets a little tricky.
  • We are able to provide comprehensive and full legal advice on a range of legal matters connected to the immigration process prior to, during, and post visa process.  For example renting and purchasing property, negotiation of employment agreements etc. We have a vested interest in providing an excellent service, because the relationship we develop with you via a range of our service options is a long term and enduring one.  We won’t simply provide you a visa and part ways.
  • Our lawyers are able to complete statutory declarations for immigration applications, and prepare certified copies of original documentation for applications.  Licenced Immigration Advisers are not able to do this. The preparation of these documents is part of our standard service offering.  You won’t need to take your documents elsewhere; they will be safe with us.

By engaging our lawyers you will receive leading immigration advice and assistance. We will not only take care of all of your visa needs, but we will also guide and provide advice on a range of legal matters that are always connected to and incidental to the migration process.

Our aim is to create an enduring long-term relationship with you based on a very high quality service from a professional service provider you can trust, that will not end upon the grant of your visa. We therefore have a vested interest in impressing you with our service, where others may not necessarily hold that long term relationship view.