Tips to get the most out of your job hunting visit to NZ

Be prepared
Be prepared
Be prepared

Ok, we’re being a bit cheeky, but the point here is that in order to get the most out of your job hunting visit to New Zealand, the most important thing you can do is to put in solid preparation beforehand.

For many Saffas coming to NZ on a job hunting visit, you are on a limited timeframe, perhaps 2-4 weeks, and you need to make every moment count while you are here. Putting in some work before you leave SA will ensure that you maximise the opportunity you have while you are here and put yourself in the strongest position to find a job.

Here are some pointers for what you can do before you leave home to position yourself for the all-important job offer:

Tip 1: “Kiwi-ise” your CV

You may have great skills and experience, but if you can’t secure a job interview, you are not going to have the chance to demonstrate your ability. Your CV is the main chance you have to impress a prospective employer and entice them to want to meet with you. It’s worth investing in some expert advice to make sure your CV sells your skills and experience in a way that will be attractive to target employers. The experts at Lemonaide can help present your CV in the style that NZ employers are expecting.

Tip 2: Be immigration-ready

Many New Zealand employers can still be hesitant when hiring employees from overseas as they may be concerned about whether the applicant will be able to get a visa and/or whether the visa process may take too long. Get an assessment of your visa eligibility so that you can eliminate these concerns and reassure NZ employers that you will be able to secure a New Zealand work/residence visa. Lane Neave’s “Visa Ready” service includes an eligibility assessment and our support to assist you dealing with employers during this crucial first stage to getting a job offer. Our clients who have made use of this service have had a higher success rate in securing a job offer. To find out more about our “Visa Ready” service, please complete our free eligibility assessment form and mention that you are considering a job hunting visit in the comments section.

Tip 3: Understand the visa rules

There are plenty of people who get turned down for a visa to New Zealand because they did not understand the rules. Make sure you have a good understanding of what you can and can not say and do while you are applying for a visa, and entering through New Zealand customs and immigration to make a job hunting visit to New Zealand. Also, make sure you have a basic understanding of the different visa categories that you may be eligible for and what they mean for you and your family. Lane Neave offers a free eligibility assessment.

Lastly, if you are still not sure whether you even need to come to New Zealand on a job hunting visit, we recommend you do. While some people are fortunate enough to secure a job offer over phone or video interview, we have consistently found that our clients who put in the effort to travel to New Zealand have a higher success rate at securing employment than those that simply apply from offshore.

For expert advice on making the most of your NZ visit, get in touch today:

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