The new normal – New Zealand immigration law during and after COVID-19


“The new normal – New Zealand immigration law during and after COVID-19”

Friday 24 April 2020
11.00am – 12.15pm

New Zealand immigration law is currently undergoing a forced shakedown as a result of the impact of COVID-19.  To date, with relatively low unemployment levels, it has been fairly straight forward to secure work visas for employees, even in relatively low-skilled roles.  However, the “new normal” is going to be an environment where it will be much tougher to secure work and residence visas for migrant workers – across almost all sectors and even in relation to highly skilled employment roles.

The measures that the Government has taken and will continue to take to close the border to prevent new cases of the virus entering New Zealand, together with the huge increase in unemployment that is predicted over the next few months will radically change how our immigration system works and who is going to be able to secure New Zealand work and residence visas for the foreseeable future.

There is currently considerable uncertainty in relation to a wide range of matters that impact migrant workers and their employers.  In this session, we will aim to bring employers up to speed with the current state of play and the most up to date information in relation to:

  • Who can and who can’t come in to New Zealand from offshore at the moment
  • What employers can do to vary the terms and conditions of employment of migrant workers
  • How to handle interim visa holders
  • What the automatic visa extension means for employers of migrant workers
  • INZ’s current visa processing capacity and short term expectations for lodging and processing visas
  • Immigration compliance issues

In the session we will also provide our predictions into likely outcomes and policy developments that we anticipate will come in future and provide insights as to how employers can best prepare themselves to manage their recruitment needs and migrant workforce compliance measures in the “new” normal.

There will also be a question and answer session at the end of the webinar.  Please feel free to send your question(s) in advance as part of the registration process.

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