Skilled Migrant Application Process Map

In most applications, the main applicant will require a full time offer of skilled employment to obtain New Zealand permanent residence.

The main question that is posed at the initial stage of the process is: how is this achieved?

The easiest way to set out how the process is completed, from first contact with our firm to the eventual grant of New Zealand residence, is by way of the flow chart below. However, a point needs to be made that every individual case is different, and, depending on your personal circumstances, a different or slightly varied option to the route set out in the flow chart below may be required.

Our firm will tailor its advice and assistance to your particular circumstances. For some applicants, one way of obtaining New Zealand residence may not suit another (the best example is a couple with no children as compared to a couple with children). Not only are there technical qualifications that need to be adhered to, there are also the practical considerations of actually transferring your lives from one side of the planet to the other.

The flow chart below will provide some idea as to how the technical process is undertaken, although full tailored advice will be provided in our first telephone discussion or meeting once you have determined that you would like our firm to assist you.

download flow chart pdf (170kb)