Special ministerial direction

You do not qualify? All is not lost. For cases that are truly exceptional, an approach can be made directly to the Minister of Immigration for the grant of a special direction.

Our firm has assisted many individuals to apply for and obtain multiple different types of visas by a direct approach to the Minister. In New Zealand’s immigration policy, the Minister has the right to determine what policy criteria will apply and, also, the power to grant a visa on terms and conditions the Minster deems fit, outside those policy requirements.

There are many cases where applicants will be able to provide significant benefit to New Zealand but are unable to fit within the strict policy criteria for reasons personal to the applicant. In such cases, where exceptional circumstances exist, a direct submission can be made to the Minister of Immigration.

During the initial assessment process we will be able to determine whether or not we believe there are alternative circumstances which may warrant the submission of a special direction application to the Minister. For obvious reasons we will only receive and accept instructions in applications we believe have a sound chance of obtaining a special direction.