Filipino recruitment

Labour shortage is a big challenge facing our clients, particularly in Christchurch and Auckland. Migrant workers from the Philippines are increasingly being placed in contract roles to assist our clients to deliver large construction projects on time.

Our team offer expert advice and guidance to New Zealand businesses looking to attract, recruit and relocate specialist candidates from overseas, from all jurisdictions.

However, due to the significant role our firm has played in assisting large employers to meet their labour needs associated with the rebuild of Christchurch, we have built up significant expertise and specialist knowledge in sourcing and contracting trade skilled labour from the Philippines, for (primarily) the residential and commercial construction sectors.

The Philippines is a difficult market to navigate for the uninitiated, but we have been there done that, on a large scale. No matter what the need, and how many people you need at anytime, our large team has experience in procuring and securing visas for bulk numbers of skilled employees required for contract work in New Zealand efficiently.

What do I need to know?

If you have determined that your business may need to recruit workers from the Philippines, you need to make sure you know the key steps involved and ensure you are meeting all the legal requirements both in New Zealand, but importantly, in the Philippines too. We have had to resolve a few issues for employers who stepped into the Philippines market without the benefit of experienced counsel. It is much harder to fix something up there, than it is to guide around potential issues before they are encountered.

We offer an expert service that allows for visas to be issued quickly and efficiently, so our client contractors and construction companies can meet project deadlines. We understand the construction needs associated with this type of labour supply as our firm practices in this area, and we are the only legal firm operating in this space in New Zealand on a large scale.

How can Lane Neave help?

We will make sure you’re meeting all of your legal obligations throughout the recruitment, visa, and settlement process.

We can assist you to develop your initial strategy and make the introductions required to get you underway, and develop that initial service to manage the visa process of the employees selected for New Zealand contract roles in a seamless way, no matter if you are employing five people, or 150+.

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